Death to Perfection

Whenever I come up with a new idea for a project, I take about a day to dream about it, and then the next day, I do it.

I hear so many brilliant, creative people say that they’re going to write their screenplay, or their novel, to start their business “someday.” But someday is today.

I used to think like that too. I used to believe that I wasn’t quite capable yet of whatever it was that I wanted to accomplish, because I wanted it to be perfect. But my great grandmother wrote me a little poem once that said, “Count that day lost, when the low-descending sun views from thy hand, no worthy action done.”

That verse changed my life. Every day should contain at least one worthy action, and that probably looks different for everyone—but for me, I often thinkcreate of it when it comes to my work and writing. Every day, I want to move at least one step forward in whatever it is I’m working on.

Perfection is what holds us back. Perfection kills creativity. Perfection puts to death the ability to ever take a step forward.

So I killed perfection. If you read my first drafts, they’re raw. If you took a look at some of my murder mysteries, they’re kind of rough. My visual novel contains mistakes, glitches, and errors that an advanced programmer would never make.

But I made something.

As long as you begin, and as long as you finish what you started, you can always refine it later. Just don’t stop working on it because it isn’t perfect or because it doesn’t match what is in your head. Nothing in this world will ever be perfect.

Let me say that again for the people in the back:


So stop trying to make it perfect.  If you aim for perfection, you are destined to fail. If you aim to do your best, and make the best product that you’re capable of at that moment, you’re going to succeed.

If you just go ahead and begin, you’re already leaps and bounds ahead of those who say they’re going to make their dreams come true “someday.”

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